Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My Favorite Kitchen Gadget

My favorite kitchen gadget is the Chef'n Emulstir Emulsifier.  Mine actually broke last month and since our kitchen store closed where I worked I'm going to have to get it elsewhere.  It seems you can buy it at many stores for around $15 but Amazon will be great since I have Prime now- Chef'n Emulstir.

For some reason making a perfect salad dressing always alluded me (even though I know it's easy).  I think I just didn't want to spend the time grabbing a bowl and whisk or dirtying up my food processor and if I willy-nilly slapped oil and vinegar together it never was quite right.  And I liked Newman's Dressing- so shoot me!  Anyway I got this one day at work and fell in love!  Everything is pre-measured.  Little lines on the side of the bottle.  Yup- just my speed.  Why this eluded me before who knows?  But this was great.  Soon I was making the best dressings and making little adjustments to make it taste just the way I wanted it to.

Then my husband got sick and for him I bought Bragg's Vinegar.  You're supposed to take 2 tsp. a day in water with honey.  Nope.  He just wouldn't do it.  So I get thinking- why can't I use that in our salad dressing.  Oh MY!  It's amazing in a salad dressing!  Little did I know.  It's actually a Cidar Vinegar that hasn't been pasteurized so it's REALLY good for you because it's a fermented food.  When I have my salad every night my nose lining is moist.  I know that sounds like an odd thing to note; but in Colorado it is so dry your nose dries up and you can easily have nose bleeds, besides being uncomfortable.  I ran out of Olive Oil this week and I was noticing how bad my nose felt again- aha!  I haven't been having my salad dressing!   What I wonder- if it affects my nose lining so much what other parts of my body are positively affected by it?  Once this winter I started to feel sick.  I mixed Braggs, a few tsp. with equal honey and a 1/2 tsp cinnamon (you can heat it too) and had that.  Down it real quick!  Next day I was fine, the cold was gone.

So I do follow the Chef''n bottle's directions with a few adjustments to my taste-

The Bottle Recipe-

2/3 Olive Oil
1/3 Vinegar (Braggs Vinegar is great!)
2 tsp. Dijon Mustard  (I use more like 1 Tbls.)
2 tsp. Honey ( I use more like a Tbls. because I like my dressing sweet)
1 - 2 cloves garlic finally minced (garlic is very healthy, so I tend to do 2 good sized cloves)
NO Salt (it doesn't need it)
Any pepper or spice you want to add like Italian Spice


Add into your Chef'n bottle if you have it and put the lid on and press it's handle to mix it.  Or use a jar and put the lid on and shake.  Or use a bowl and Whisk. 


Let it sit for an hour for the flavors to deepen.

                                                        Pop the lid open to pour



Please refrigerate when not in use.  It has garlic in it and because of that it has to be kept cold.  Bring it out an hour or so before you want to use it and the Olive Oil will come to room temperature and liquid again.  The Olive Oil is fine out at room temperature, but mixed with garlic it's another thing- keep it cold.

Enjoy great Salads and good health!!!!

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